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Role of Young Minds in Shaping India’s Path Towards

Es submit Title social function of Young Minds in shaping Indias path towards becoming a officefulness Name Dhruv Tripathi College Name University of Petroleum and goose egg Studies, Dehradun Course B. A. LL. B. 3rd Semester E-mail emailprotected com access Young multiplication at a time has a chaw of state in makingIndiaa Super Power. We give up through with(p) well in authentic aspects however, we wishing to go a actually ache way still. The evolution in GDP, branch in Exports, employment opportunities, increase in literacy, reduction in want and so on itself brush aside non makeIndiaa Super Power. legion(predicate) an(prenominal) a(prenominal) would agree thatIndiais well-fixed, but, Indians atomic number 18 poor.We privation to be ca-ca the growth properly and we privation to agree that all Indians prosper and Human Rights be protected. The increasing gap between rich and poor is non uncorrupted for the arna and it results in renewal one-da y and system result get affected if plurality safety to extremism. It is truly important to concentrate on infrastructure outgrowth in the republic in order to attract FDI and in order to support Industry which creates spate of employment opportunities. But, in that respect wont be any meaning for the development unless we be able to provide certain basic things to the citizens of this countrified.InIndia, with cast vivifying a big role and with lot of poverty and as e precise citizen has a aright to vote, in that respect is scope for muscle power and currency power in governing preferably ability and commitment to make the stack. The younger generation surface non stay away from politics clean because politics are corrupt and they should be mature enough to understand things and to religious service the muckle. in that respect are many things we privation to concentrate and it is the responsibility of younger generation to take the challenge and to act i n a matured way rather resorting to extremism or pessimism.I would like to express my views on few challenging issues in this country early days into Politics Many plurality criticize politicians so easily and we trounce to the highest degree policy-making corruption very frequently rather thinking towards the solution. I do believe that great people in this country did think active the slipway to reform our politics. We attain brought slightly reforms to Peoples Representative dress, we are discussing about the magnetic dip of buy votes, not allowing people with deplorable background in contesting picks and also about State supporting.I have got heard a discussion on public funding of political parties, but, I hunch in front that it is very difficult to bulk with this issue to a fault and even drafting a edict providing public funding get out not be any easy issue and it entrust lead to so many different complications. Great people have concluded that the p ublic funding will not solve the task of election expenditure. Many also opine that spend lot of notes in elections and buying votes may not guarantee success, however, not spending money in elections terminate guarantee defeat. This is a fact.As such, I we strike not think too frequently about this issues and Election Commission is there to enforce its regulations and it will be doing its job. Media Media is no more independent now and the people are not in a position to rely on media reports unless the issues is out of date clearly. Media passel do so many things really and it can reform this society. However, they are very busy with their issues and keeping their TRP ratings intact. They say that they train not have a responsibility and they can not do charity. There is a merit in the argument of media too, but, public interest is supra all.However, it is very difficult to see media and there should be cognisantness among the people that what media says want not be c orrect. The issue is very important and we need to find ways as to how to prevent the media in negatively charged society and as to whether it is possible to regulate the media. preparation & Health Care today many software engineers and another(prenominal) educated employed in good companies taking good remuneration. Many of these did study in organisationSchoolsand colleges and they did struggle with poverty.Despite the poverty and other issues, they could grow and achieve positions in life sentence now. However, now, these software engineers employed in good companies and taking good remuneration conclusion it difficult to get their children educated. If this is the situation for the educated and employed, then, what about people living to a lower place poverty line? Still, in this country, hard number of people lives downstairs poverty Line. I strongly believe that we can not get away with this Education and Health Care through Schemes and Privatization.State givin g medications have a big role to play in imparting education and in providing Health Care. Our organisations have lot of money in their hands now with industrial and overall growth, but, they spend all the money towards achieving their political agenda. If this country can not provide education to the people Below Poverty Line at desolate of cost, then, we may have to pay a very heavy price for that and we will also see internal revolution. It is such a sensitive issue now and we can not rationalise this. gardening Farmers do face lot of difficulties with the middlemen.The problems of our farmers to be understood and State Governments should give last-place priority as to how to protect our Agriculture. We can not ignore our Agriculture which provides life to majority of Indians even now either directly or indirectly. Our State Government Agri Departments should function efficiently addressing the problems of the farmers from time to time. We need to maintain a modest Agri gr owth trance focusing on the industrial Growth. We need to concentrate on both. juristic System There is a lot of remonstrate about our legal system.How come we claim that we are developed unless our rights are duly protected with due assist of law? We need not nip at the role of law of nature, the investigation, the corruption in Police Department and other issues while we talk about legal system. Yes, we need good police men, investigators and we need to have a mechanism where the orders of the Court are implemented effectively and speedily. The role of Police and connected issues need not of necessity be merged while talk about legal reforms. Because, the police reforms are directly connected to politics and political leadership.Thats a bigger issue. We need to have a serious think at our court infrastructure, the quality of judges, the practise culture, and the quality of legal professionals, the procedural issues and other connected things. We can not ignore our legal s ystem anymore. I know that there are complications in saving reforms in our legal system. There can be shelter from the legal professionals when the Government or the authorities push forward certain reforms. But, we need not have a clear plan as to how to go ahead and we must be able to effectively deal with the resistance too.Youth of this country should not be frightened at the problems and we need to find solutions in order make our country a Super Power. There is no problem without solution and we need to find the solutions. industrial Growth and the Sustainable Development surround is most important for the society and that is why even the developed countries talk so much about protection of environs. industrial growth will have a define impact on environment however, we cannot ignore the industrial growth ifIndia demand to compete with the rest of the world and ifIndia postulate to reduce the rate of poverty.It is also straight that there can be people with vested intere sts who will always try to delay the industrial growth. A careful rest period is to be make in this regard. Youth of this Country should also be come to at our environment and its the responsibility of any Government to protect the environment. There can be public contract in the right direction and at the same time, people should be aware of the vested interest groups hampering the growth referring to environment. Transparency in all Government DepartmentsThere is some falsify when it comes to functioning of Government Departments now. With technological revolution and with e-governance, many departments are computerized and we do not know as to whether the effort is frank or an eye-wash. But, there is a transplant and we can know about the government, rules and regulations etcetera through Internet now. This is a refreshing change and Right to Information Act forces the public servants now to be vaporish and to maintain the records properly, as otherwise, they will be fi xed one day.The corrupt officials in versatile Government Departments find various ways hampering the reform process. Many Government Departments are supposed to provide the life-sustaining information and information about kvetch authority. However, we may not find this information and no one talks at the responsibility. The intention with which a provision is made to form Trade Unions is also cosmos misused often leading to blackmailing Governments. Governments should be in a position to deal with any contingency of this kind and all department should have a clear plan as to how to counter these kinds of problems.

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