Saturday, May 4, 2019

How does my school compare with other schools in the U.S Essay

How does my school equality with other schools in the U.S - Essay ExampleIn near respects there ar some schools like the universities who have access to technology but there are many websites that they block. According to Hermida the ones that are blocked have to do with sexually explicit content, womens history, religious sites, drugs and pop culture (Hermida, 2003). These sites are fundamentally blocked because the government does not want Saudi muckle getting ideas that may mean they go against their religion. This is in truth different from U.S. education because in the U.S. there are some matters that are blocked by education like pornography sites but for the most part students have access to many things that provide enhance their learning.According to the Saudi government the reason why these sites are blocked is because they want to pertain their customs and their religion. When they block a site it makes sure that their people will remain loyal to their religion. This is rattling important on Saudi Arabia (Hermida). There is a question about the technology situation. It is one thing to have technology but if it is censored it seems that this defeats the purpose. In the U.S. students can find out about people and situations that are different from their own. In Saudi Arabia they cannot. This may mean that the Saudi children do not secure the same type of education as those in the U.S. because they lack the flexibility of the Internet.When someone takes an engineering manakin or something to do with business they are able to use the full technology in that area. This room that it will be offered to men more than it will be offered to women. It seems that the Saudis know that men will use up to have a better understanding of the Internet because they will be doing business on a global basis.It is important to keep in mind that the goal of education in Saudi Arabia is very different than the goal of the U.S. In the U.S. people go for education b ecause they want to advance their career or

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