Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age Research Paper - 1

The Value of Digital Privacy in an nurture Technology Age - Research Paper ExampleNetizens, a term coined for active users of the Internet (Netizen), argon complaining nigh how websites make snobbish tuition such as their names, send for tots, addresses, etc. addressable to the public. The issue of privacy over the Internet has become very serious that lawmakers have been forced to construct regulations to safeguard users (Lyons, 2012) against websites that provide access to an exclusives private selective information. Search Engines for Citizens Private Data is a search engine that specializes on people searches. On the website, a researcher can choose to smack up an individual through several ways. at that place are links to search via email, social networking sites, stead records and the basic people search which yields the persons relatives, get on with and the various cities and states in the USA the individual may have resided in. Getting a report wo uld require a fee. Supposedly, the report would contain slightly or all of the data such as the persons full name, age and attend of birth, phone numbers, aliases, relatives, email address(es), property records, marriage & divorce, lawsuits, criminal records, and so on. For people search and scope subdue services, Intelius supposedly provides a researcher his moneys worth because of the accuracy of its reports. ... These have corresponding fees. Prices are from $2.45, $19.95 and $39.95. The most expensive report includes a State Criminal Search, Properties, Enhanced Relatives, Associates Plus and Marriages/Divorces. As with Intelius, the number of items listed in each report is not guaranteed. Zaba Search is one of the many people search engines on the Internet. Once the first and last names are entered, the user can search all the 50 states in America or a specific state. The results include the person complete address and phone number, including a marker on Google map for the users reference. Zaba also offers reverse phone lookup, background checks and searching via phone numbers. Curiously, when the results appear, an advertisement by US Search shows with the same persons name, age and the cities and states the person has lived in. Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Access Public access to private information can bring about positive and negative outcomes to the researcher and the topic of the research. Although public access does help researchers find more information for social or educational purposes, these information may not be current. Having a citizens private data available on the Internet makes the person an easy victim of identity stealth or other related crimes. Nevertheless, it also makes it possible for long-lost friends and family to get in touch with the person. For the person being researched, thither are a couple of reasons public access can be bad. One is identity theft which has become a significant offense in the United States w ith around 10,000 groups involved in the activity. (White, 2012) There are several ways to commit identity theft and all of these require personal information such

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