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Modernist Trends toward Abstraction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Modernist Trends toward Abstraction - Essay ExampleThe main feature that characterizes the innovative thought is an escapable tendency towards abstraction. The artists thoughts today atomic number 18 mainly foc utilize on the modern trends towards abstraction that analyses the vector sum universal idea and acts as a key facet to human thoughts. Therefore, the modern view and thoughts are mainly dominated by abstraction. The need of creating a new kind of art by artists was mainly to encompass the fundamental transformations that were taking place in technology, philosophy and science. At that period, most individual artists draw their theoretical arguments from more diverse sources that reflected the intellectual and social preoccupations in all aspects of the western culture. Some artists including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and capital of Minnesota Cezanne practiced most of the modernized art trends such as Fauvism, western painting, Cubism and Post Impressionism that had a rattling great impact on the art in the twentieth atomic number 6 that led to the advent of the centurys abstraction. The heritage of these artists was essential to expatiate the modern art, the trend towards abstraction. The main reason why artists develop new trends in art is to ensure that the viewers have deep site and hope to undo the truth concerning the abstract, artists approaches to reality that may be valid in the other areas as well. Artists mainly develop the cream of art in order to present an article that reveals or portrays nearly message to the viewer. Paul Cezannes early actions on art were mainly pictures, of violent and dramatic subjects mainly made with thick but dark paints. He is exposed to the solve of impressionist, lacked a skinny structure in the impressionists paintings, and therefore developed some ways of using colouration in order to render his image as a composition of planes. The efforts he made accomplished a basis of the modernist trend towards abstraction making him to be regarded as the father of modern art. The prototype of an article that Paul Cezanne decorated was a self-portrait in a Beret. This article was made between the course of instruction 1898 and 1900. It was made of oil on canvas in the Museum of fine arts in Boston. The movements or styles used in the article were impressionism and post expressionism. Paul Cezanne used thick paintings and shapes and presented the article with a course texture. The work can be classified as expressionism or post expressionist. The work can be seen as good and cool. Therefore, due to its good nature, it impresses various viewers and acts as a source of inspiration. In addition, the work emphasizes on the natural colors that look out to the natural world and reveals a profound public opinion to the viewers. Paul Cezannes main goal or aim in his work was to produce something unassailable that can last for several years out of impressionism. He was aiming at produci ng a better work that reveals the natural world as it really is. The paintings are aimed at revealing the message or patsy that the artist was trying to disclose to the viewers. At first, the viewers of the first work of art under expressionism rejected the impressionist art due to its apparent relationship with the world. The abstract due to its scale and nonrepresentational imagination enables the viewers to have an easy interpretation and its social and intellectual origin had some important sixth sense on the viewers. Another artist that showed great efforts toward abstraction was

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