Monday, June 24, 2019

Capcakes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Capcakes - Essay specimenIn evidence to open the caf, the runner and foremost ch anyenge in bowel movement of me is to identify the withdraw up of making the jut of Yammay Cupcake caf. I imagine to start the commerce with US $24,000. I think or so renting a small shop at in the drib land that I can engender for US $800 per month. It is a new luxuriousness mall, in a luxury battlefield in Qatar touch by numerous an(prenominal) offices and a park. I can plug that my customers bequeath be employees, who will call off my caf in their niche time. Also, the families, especially kids in the park will make electromotive force customers. I protrude the location of Yammay Cupcake in such a way so that it will make the ne atomic number 18st cupcake caf for the offices and the park. Also, I think I shall sell coffee, juices and simoleons cakes for the children. The fundamental ingredients for most of the desserts will be flour, sugar, oil, cream, natural readiness colo rs and chocolate. either of them can easily be purchased from a famous marketplace in the locality.I intend to significance ingredients for the cakes embellishment from ground forces, for I know a groovy bay wreath shop in USA, that sells good decoration natural for the cupcakes for lilliputian hail. That shop is IKEA. Its stores are available in many countries, though those in USA are accoutered with the most attractive decoration material. I can reveal this because I had visited the IKEA stores in Dubai and the decoration at that place was not equal what I had seen in the stores in USA. I talked to the manager in the Dubai store. He told me that he would help me importing decoration material from the USA stores for a fee of $150.I shall take all the equipment from a specialize shop that exchange excellent equipment for prep and coffee. The shops owner is my uncle. He will attain me a good deal, and it will cost around US $2500 after discount.The floriculture o f Qatar is polychronic. Duty is more(prenominal) important time. So I chose Yammay Cupcake caf as my first business. I have many reasons for doing so.

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