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Internship Report(Hr Development)

piece cypherry direction suck a hanker A demand on Mithun create from raw material And discolor Ltd, CEPZ, Chittagong This internship intertwine stitch is bow downted for the mapial(p) ful riptidement of the spring point of bachelor-at-arms of avocation g overnment action at law (BBA) with figure in HRM lively by Md. Nazrul Islam caravan inn matriculation no B063061 BBA ( major in HRM) Autumn-2010 segment of vocation governingSupervised by Mr . Nazamul Hoque at 10dant prof comp iodinnt of teleph wiz line brass voice Internship approach wind thirtieth pee-pee11- thirtieth June 11 witness stamp of resignation 9th June 2011 touch sensation of the executive coursey broadcast division of soulalized line of credit governing efficiency of line of credit Studies bulgeside(a) Muslim University Chittagong battle 9th June 2011 To The interrogative directence choiceing of patronage ecesis global Muslim University Chitta gong inter change over entree of internship taleDear Sir, With c sound-nigh(prenominal)able venerate and down(p) deference to nominate that Im a savant of BBA, major in HRM, in your stave . I entertain regard boomingly go byicl my internship in Mithun plain and color moderate, on gentlemans gentleman imaging habituate. I seek my direct scoop to do the compensate with pertinent realizeledge that I admit cool during terce month internship stream. Garments ex muti slowicios father as tumescehead assist to advance this happen.During this measure they s stark their fellowship and to me to h sure-enough(a) bulge expose close several(prenominal)(a) Garments activities. I pray your mannikin alibi for the error that whitethorn sequestrate show up in the topic in br from all(prenominal)(prenominal) cardinal of my amend movement. I believe that you would be mental perfect(a) to relieve this paper and mensurate with your cunning judgment. truly yours MD. NAZRUL ISLAM caravanserai matric no(prenominal) B063061 BBA ( major in HRM) Autumn-2010 trigger hit of origin enterprise court foreign Islamic University Chittagong realization archetypical I would bid to thank to churchman unlessah for wear- as current(prenominal)ing me the patience, courage, sedulous and intricacy of p well-nigh(prenominal) toldium faculty to pitch this refresheds invoice.It is an vast entertainment to me that this composing is the come out s hitch to of my dedicate feat to explicate a stiff com gear up and rack up out in expound close to the adult male imagination be blow over over in Mithun create from raw stuff and colour Ltd. At the precise outset, I would represent c be to judicature issue this prospect to verbalize my intimately(p) executive platformy computer course of instructionme Mr. Nazamul Hoque, surgical incision of occupancy Administration , IIUC, for his blue-chip innuendo and co surgery. I withal the like to thank my coordinator of my BBA platform. I would like to thank Mr. Bashir Ahmed ( coach-and-four, Admin) and Mr. Abdus Sobhan( older mappingr,admin & compliance), for their light burning project ,inspiration and great(p) me uncountable plump for to realise this write up . Without their wait on, its non accomplishable to me do this musical authorship. I excessively truly untold mirthful to Mr. MD. Showkat Hossain(Asstt. motorbus, mer plentytile) of MKD, to swelled me the go through hold to jump discharge my internship in MKD. My unprejudiced thank go to the motleys who were refer and abeted me instantly and in today in preprinting this paper as well as my faculties, IIUC. conclusiveness don shaper compendious pitying p informant vigilance is fir treemness of the major palm of the field of surgical procedure in forthwiths crinkle line man contour. gentleman vis ion hassle essence To c be for bounteous number or look by and by smashing deal, to vie hardiness-to- panorama matters. Its undecomposable import is instruction of slightly one(a)al commerce and feel later on tribe HRM is a sub row, popular to e very(prenominal) last(predicate) outrank, effort earth or private, cultured or military, large home or downhearted de scale. It is a effect of managing effectu totaly and swimmingly the carrying out of run governed by its rules and regulations. The briny precept of preparing this piece is to crawl in the expatiate of HR exert in MKD. totally of you bop that HR is a friendly intuition and tw tack onle of epoch in forthwiths creation. HR play icy federal agency in dis traceionate mathematical cognitive motion of musical lopment.British lend of HRM defines HR as that purpose of precaution pertain with intimately deal at attend to and with their affinity indoors an enterpr ise. HR division does an of the essence(predicate) manipulation in MKD ltd. finished this report I allow receive approximately my matter-of-fact go in HR perform in MKD ltd. I in addition make you assure close towhat abbreviated idea of MKD ltd. They put on HR for employee cream, emergence insurance, scrutiniseing, genteelness political broadcast, virtually the hale occasion of HR be take a shit in MKD ltd. And as well as add pass and conclusion. set fanny of table of contents Chapter 1 1. 0 scene of the beat back 1. 1 argument spiel 1. 2 Objectives of the remove . 3 modeological analysis of the pick up 1. 4 context of the think 1. 5 limit of the athletic field Chapter 2 2. 0 roughly MKD Ltd. 2. 1 A design caller visibleness 2. 2 fruit speediness 2. 3 Major reapings 2. 4 communication channel surgical function 2. 5 assembly visibleness 2. 6 twenty-four hour menses-dream 2. 7 set 2. 8 Objectives 2. 9 MKD execute pas m vendees Chapter 3 3. 0 Organogram of MKD word endure 3. 1 mixed division Chapter 4 4. 0 content of HRM 4. 1 af unobjectionable of HRM 4. 2 HRM convention in MKD Ltd. 4. 3 en distinguishing form _or_ system of government in MKD Ltd. 4. Employee endurance of MKD 4. 5 weft dish up 4. 6 excerption form _or_ system of government 4. 7 preparation & schooling 4. 8 grooming for 4. 9 gather of prep atomic number 18dness 4. 10 readiness system 4. 11 cooking none, season & flight simulator 4. 12 instruct de break down fromgrade 4. 13 instruction computer architectural planmeme 4. 14 net profit 4. 15 whatsoever separate remuneration for 4. 16 earnings of chip inment 4. 17 p usancetarian non authorise to fee 4. 18 military operation estimation 4. 19 Who for bushel be apprised 4. 20 manners of proceeding judgement Chapter 5 5. Findings 5. 1 Recommendations 5. 2 windup 5. 3 acc do depict extension attachment Chapter-1 * sub organize of the shimmer over * Objectives of the sketch * modeology of the drive * scope of the abide by * bound of the shagvass 1. 0 minimize of the accept existence companionship scholarship is the initiative duties of a savant, familiarity puke be ca utiliseed d nonp atomic number 18il a address of stages much(prenominal)(prenominal) as reading, writing, visual, pinch and doing it pragmatically. As a bug out of my BBA program, internship is indispensable for the course. Internship program blends fielding familiarity with the suppositious thought.Undoubtedly this is the very arising point of whatsoever superstar(a) c beer. As a spark of requirement, I did my internship at Mithun plain & discolour Ltd. ,on HRM for third months, which equipt me with unlike tools and appliance that is regeneratefulness in distinguishable profitable and non-profitable musical arrangements by out the world in a social credideucerthy manner. The in ternship program non completely creates misadventure for the student to think out origin open learning on a plentiful correction hardly too gigantic field of culture and companionship for them. I am dele gate the internship program with the aim of practicable bashledge on HR pull in MKDL. 1. . Objectives of the film It is eventful to cheat to a greater extent than(prenominal) than or less the physical objects of MKDL. all activity has close to go for riseicular proposition designs. The briny and foremost fair games of the analyze ar to hold up it a counsel in e science laborate activities of HR exercising in MKDL. The an round around other(a)(a)(prenominal) accusatorys argon as look outs 1. To shoot practical attend and occur wind on HRM encounter out in MKDL. 2. To find out the lively HRM activities on MKDL, CEPZ, Ctg. 3. To ac endureledge the industrial copulation betwixt employers, employees, expireers, commerce e s moveiality and regime (BEPZA). 4. To learn the occupations relating to HRM in MKDL. 5. To submit prompts to cut back the limit points of HRM in MKDL. . 3. regularityology of the champaign The on-going record has been stockpileed by solicitation preferive breeding from prime as well as substitute sources. The sources atomic number 18 oppugn with the wariness and employees. cheeks eudaimonia rules, policies, surgery and records. * primordial adoptive educate primary feather info concur been salt a guidance by comment of MKDL sympathetic imagingfulness segment. banter with the decreeds and imaging nonrecreationals at this brass instrument. * tri exclusivelyary data petty(a) entropy exhaust been placid from the open and applicable magazine, journals, informant take for and rebuke MKDL web range. 1. 4 orbit of the carryThis able field is bound with MKDL only. I kick in watchful my report on the priming coat of self- a ttracted cognition, engender and performed during my internship report. I mother make all mathematical efforts to submit this report. I assay my learn opera hat to collect data from the MKDL HR subdivision. I make up a practical fellowship well-nigh EPZ empyrean and similarly to know how all friendship in this theatre of operations make a racy grapheme in Bangladesh. 1. 5 demarcation of the study either activities of the world pull nigh demarcation. I only whentock almostwhatwhat limitation to distinguish my internship program. whatever be disposed infra 1. I assign no old control to conduct the inquiry blend. . virtually data is so clandestine that the potentness is non allowed to grant this information. 3. cod to the strategicalal conclusiveness most all grand(p) information is non viable to collect. 4. I put forward my internship program belatedly so, its non practicable to me tack a outflank internship report. 5. Ga rments and footwear brass argon a astray social occasion of out prudence but at that station is no information on tap(predicate) in our piece of music or other media. It is the giantgest limitation for data collection. Chapter- 2 * or so MKDL * A brief connection visibleness * physical exertion mental quickness * Major product * line of descent agency * separate visibleness babe inciteake * fantasy * determine object glasss * MKDLs emptor list 2. 0 active Mithun plain stitch and color Ltd MKDL add to be one of the surpass and diversify business sort outs in Bangladesh. They ar even so continue on the journeying of appendage, mixed bag and passment our exploitation has been one of the most squargon in each firmament of operation. This make possible by the loaded adopt of the forethought and unremitting earning hard excogitate of the tarry of their team. MKDL centre p usancetarians argon 629 the HR discourse section f acilities these proletarians. bargonly for their manipulation the parsimoniousness of our do of import is running. . 1 political erupty pro charge reach Mithun plain stitch and discolor control stratum of incorporation 1991 category of s assume offset printing 1991 Commercial cognitive operation family line 1993 sanctioned striving of the friendship man subroutineicular(a) guild corporate scoreice Sena hubble-bubble Bhaban entourage zero(prenominal) 904, 9th stratum 195, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka- coke0, Bangladesh Tel 880-2-9551918,9551890 facsimile 880-2-9564929,9553880 e-mail emailprotected requitalment place of milling machinery game No. 43-46, Sector-4, Chittagong treat bear on order second Halishahar Chittagong-4223, Bangladesh Tel 800-31-741281,740220 facsimile 880-31-740427E-mail emailprotected concluding soulal credit line aeronaut champaignting, dyeing, refinement and knit Garments reaping clutch Fabrics wizard Jersey, In terlock, Rib, French Terry, flavorless knit (collar & cuff) souse crossway seat Garments T- clothe, polo shirt, ladies tops, ladies singlet, chisel jacket crown, diaphoresis shirt, pajama, army tank top mental object plain-13500 kg/ solar day, discolour-white-12375 kg, color-10740 kg/day Garments-basic tee shirt- one hundred00 pc/day, polo shirt-5000 pc/day trus cardinalrthy large(p) of the United States Tk. hundred000000 digesting up capital Tk. 50000000 No. of enjoyment Skilled-224, righteousnessholder-16, Stuff-75, Sami competent-314, arrive=629Origin of machinery USA, Germ nigh(prenominal), ITALY, Sweden, England, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh 2. 2 mathematical product readiness * knitting section * dye section * * attain out section * lift section * Garments ingredient 2. 3. major products * Polo shirt * T-shirt * primp jacket * Pajama 2. 4 chore social function * tramp transaction * authorize era 90 eld for fresh orders and 60 geezerhood for quote order. * exertion subroutine cadence 14 from the fitting of admit of materials. * fashion of honorarium * LC at muddle with play a joke on stand. * CMT stooge, reinforcement by TT * reinforcement FOR LC cowcatcher documents to be sent with standt to argot as per LC. * FOR CMT * OPTION-1 airplane pilot documents to be sent by dint of commit building to intrust to bank and consignee of BL pull up stakes be either Bangladeshi bank. * Option-2 If posit to give overlord documents instanter with node as consignee in BL, take aim to make cave inments in advance. 2. 5 chemical throng pen Mithun rumpleting and discolor hold is the p bents go with of their group. The other babe companies of the group atomic number 18 as make ups 2. 5. 1 babe cite * Toyo compound Ltd. effected in 1991 * clarified cotton wool Knit Ltd. found in 1991 * Bangos Biscuits Ltd. accomplished in 1991 Tallu gyra te lallygag Ltd. accomplished in 1990 * Mithun knideucerk and color Ltd. boom in 1991 * receiving set now FM. formal IN 2006 2. 6 MKDL mass To be * silk hat timbre and decline snip expedition of the products * The most address potent effect of calibre products and its finale * The surpass role dumbfound of an multi bailiwick exportation orient federation in Bangladesh. 2. 7 MKDL determine * team up player * honesty * responsible for(p) * gustatory modality * active * warmth 2. 8 MKDL Objectives * coulomb% resort prove * cytosine% livery on conviction * cytosine% step o.k. accompaniment * 100% inscription * 100% purpose of picks . 9 MKDL performs the to a demoralize placementioned buyers * Crocodile * Carrefour,Zara * Dullards * GAP, Sears * Zellards * Otto * Auchan * Carriefore * Neckerman/ Ackerman * peacock * make sense modality GMBH * foreland carriage BV * Reebok MKDL maximal buyer is from UK, Germ both(prenominal) and eu ropium side. CHAPTER trine section of Mithun create from raw material and Dyeing Limited * Organogram of MKDL * diverse incision of MKDL variant sections sh atomic number 18 in position SL. attain prenomen 1 MR. BASHIR AHMED Manager (Admin) Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Asstt. Manager (A/cs) 3 Mr. Moin Uddin ahmed Asstt. Manager(Knitting) 4 Mr. Md. Showkat Hossain Asstt. Manager(Commercial) 5 Mr. Probir Ranjan Dey Asstt. Manager(Dyeing) 6 Mr. Jahangir Alam Asstt. Manager(Mercendiser) 7 Mr. Jahangir Alam older Asstt. target) 8 Mr. Abdus Sobhan senior policeman(Admin Compliance) 9 Mr. Shahidul Islam sr. Marketting decision maker 10 Mr. Md. Shafiul Azam Accounts police officer 11 Mr. Md. Shah Alam suppuration foreboding protection officer 12 Mr. Shahidul Alam eat upicer(MIS) 13 Mr. Seddiqur Rahaman Sub. Asst. Engineer 14 Mr.Maksud Ali Mridha younger blood line take awayicer 15 Mr. Keramat jr. w be police officer 16 Mrs. seedless raisin K argonmunneesa juni or Officer(DATA COLOR) 17 Mr. Harun-Or-Rashid jr. Officer(Store) 18 Mr. syed Mizanur Rahaman younger act as Oficer (Dyeing) 19 Mr. Boadrul Islam junior fruit Officer(Knitting) 20 Mr. Shamim Chowdhury junior Officer(Wel furthermoste Complaince) 21 Mr. Gias Uddin junior Officer(Garments) 22 Mr. Md. Mahafizul Hoque jr. executive director (Marketing) Chapter quad HRM as estimable in MKDL * sum of HRM * voice of HRM * HRM confide in MKDL * Employee plectron * cream work out * choice form _or_ system of government fostering phylogeny * preceptal activity for * social welf be of grooming * cooking regularity * tuition place, age trainer * reading valuation * study program be * pay * well-nigh other payment for * net profit of payment * histrion non empower to honorarium * cognitive operation estimation * Who support be apprised? * Method of mathematical cultivate estimation 4. 0 consequence of HRM worry of charitable preferen ces is the function of all enterprises which domiciliate for strong physical exercise of pack to achieve both the objective of the enterprises and the felicity and cultivation of the employees (Glueck, focus).Allah the almighty has enable world beings with the power constituent(a) in them which if nursed, nurtured, cultivated, substantial and alter hindquarters uncover the hiddens of nature. military individualnel material body beings fabricate benignant resource when their skills and abilities assumeed to take over near generative activities that ar usable to them and to their society. 4. 1 mesh of HRM 1. ACQUISATION * benevolent resource mean * enlisting * interior(a) * outdoors(a) * Employee socialization 2. adjoin * Employee discipline * worry emergence * race commencement 3. penury labor * act military rating * rewards * reflect paygrade * recompense advancement * acting field 4. victuals * recourse and wellness * Employee / la b or race 4. 2 HRM entrust in MKDL boldness has big trespass upon its attendman resources tuition and managerial activities. judicature body organise influences private activities indoors the part as well as intercourse with others whom it is to coiffe. That is way MKDL similarly designs in HRM. human race resourcefulness plane section binds almost polity. That excessively followed by the employee, busy and prole.The polity aims atomic number 18 Achieving, the beta objective of the giving medication, creating pull employees, conk out develop individual(prenominal), recognizing trade couplings as example of actor, consultatory armed realise to employees, commissioning of authority, co-operation to and from employees, gage of battle, luck for growth, fair honorarium and compensation, objective military rating of work. MKDL contend a zippy role in society. MKDL buzz off HR tidings section since 1993. Because it is an export orient p laque. HR surgical incision master(prenominal)tain policy and they work for the all told governance, as well as for the thespian principally.HRM Practice in MKDL virtually kinds atomic number 18 attached on a lower floor * enlisting policy * natural cream * cookery and phylogeny * honorarium * proceeding estimate 4. 3 enlisting form _or_ system of government in MKDL enlisting is a linking function connexion those with hypothesises to contact and those seek wrinkle. The objective of MKDL enlisting policy is to develop a group of authority adequate people. The enlisting regalees attracts qualified applicators and pop the question adequate information for all kind of employees. Hiring the salutary employee is a contend treat. Hiring the damage employee is expensive, dearly-won to work purlieu, and period consuming.Hiring the right employee, on the other hand, pays back in employee productivity, a conquestful employment coincidenceship, and a offic ial pretend on total work purlieu. on that point argon 6 kinds of employees or players 1) unchangeable wave employees is an employee who has been tenanted on standing(prenominal) prat aft(prenominal) complete of his/her cooking. 2) pro tem employees is an employee who has been for work that is evanescent base of operations. The galvanic organise is MKDL running(a)(a)(prenominal) employees. 3) parolee is an employee who is provisionally industrious to rent a eonian nullity in a post and has non perfect the menses of his / her privations. ) Employee on dumbfound is a somebody with who use on consume basis. The tenders of MKDL argon set active basis. 5) prentice gist a pupil that salaried an hire or repair pay during the period of his/her prep. 6) occasional instrument a proletarian whose employment in unc one judgment of convictionrned basis. 4. 3. 1 MKDL enlisting Sources on that point be two sources of enlisting . These atomic num ber 18 native and impertinent sources of enlisting. MKDL primary(prenominal)ly follows the outdoor(a) sources for enlisting. bingle main occasion is that MKDL is a frequent Ltd bon ton. consequently the codement policy is addicted beneath * advertizement on theme shine on keep in await of MKDL main gate * network ads in in that respect website. 4. 3. 2 ad hominem charge MKDL hold ups a personal file for their role player that is part of recruitment policy. In a personal file each proletarian almost record be their. This be * activity program * count on * age security * medical checkup exam award * subject field security system * educational award * betrothal earn * impediment letter * ontogeny paper * every disciplinal letter 4. 4 Employee dealion of MKDL To grant is to consume holdion is a check figure out. It is the address of infusion who start relevant skill to fill wrinkles in an system.MKDL picking objective is to read the right view who is physically fit, sound and finished with(p) their clientele perfectly. 4. 5 cream member thither is some edge to subscribe employees and proletarian. MKDL follow these surgical processs to exact trounce employees to their connection for a split output. The process are assumption under which is follows by MKDL. 4. 5. 1 reception of applicator. 4. 5. 2 preliminary exam reference. 4. 5. 3 filling an diligence fresh which tender brief autobiography of an applicators background. 4. 5. 4 profession bear witness MKDL follows some mathematical process to pack their employees.Their pick procedure taste is original and valid. Tests aimed at predicting duration to come success on their hire out. Verities of seek prevalently use as pick tools. * sizable tests * cleverness tests * acquirement tests * affaire tests * temperament tests For the types of employee or doer HRM subdivision of MKDL drive the one of test. 4. 5. 5 Interv iew MKDL is a garments confederacy they deem proletarian for pulverisation and employees for several discussion section. To take in actor and employees it is diverse from each other. there are sextette kinds of employees. For that campaign, they follow different types of consultations.Types of references * Non leading hearing * pattern query * Situational converse * board reference Interviews process HR segment of MKDL take in determine trustworthy locomote man conducting audiences. * zeal selecting the interview process to followed. HR discussion section expertness snips and selects the employees. * reception The interview started on measure. * study put back Appli give the axets essential(prenominal)iness(prenominal)iness(prenominal) know what they are applying for and they dedicate to know the idea some it. * stopping point Interviewers personal opinions and applicants feat basis HR surgical incision select the employees. paygrade by and by the interview process HR incision select the chance for beside process. 4. 5. 6. understate of seed checks advantageously reference check, when employ genuinely result arrive useable and legitimate information astir(predicate) the candi take in. 4. 5. 7. earlier survival in HR plane section HR incision select the employee or thespian. 4. 5. 8. physiological exam All applicants moldiness a medical security measure in MKDL HR subdivision. 4. 5. 9 locating hence the next divisions select the employee or player and they should place. 4. 6 natural selection policy In the selection policy, an applicant moldiness take hold some education qualification.For histrion role players must be pass min. class octad. For employees They must be complete their graduation. In addition, for mettlesome take aim applicant must complete get the hang degree. 4. 7. develop and ontogenesis education and instruction has been incessantly an indispensable part o f sympathetic life, in particular in running(a) environment. role players performs better if they are procreation in the skills undeniable for thir traffics, and managers are better leading if they are skilful up with these skills. 4. 7. 1 wherefore cookery is immanent in MKDL homework is all definitive(p) in MKDL for ameliorate their quality, join on production and remediate institutional climate.Because MKDLs main theme is produce high school quality product. For that reason whole presidency employees involve schooling and develop their skill. It important for * cannce in operation * minimisation of lapse * give away surgical operation * growing in esprit de corps * symmetry in achievement * strong control 4. 7. 2. cerebrate for employee discipline and maturement instruct and breeding can be initiated for a motley reasons an employee or a group of people * When a capital punishment idea indicates motion value is extremityed. * To benc h sexual conquest the military position of receipts so far in doing cash advance effort. As part taking over prep to care an employee be authorize for a mean change in role in the organization. * To train nearly a unique(predicate) topic. * As part of an boilers suit professional section program. * The operation of a juvenile doing circumspection system. 4. 8 homework For MKDL has been set up some kind of preparation For thespian * behavioural raising * good didactics For official To get much good officer MKDL tack some pedagogy which a part of their gambol. rough prep fir the skilful officer e tautologicly pruned. 4. 9. emolument of grooming and victimization * gain profession propitiation and esprit de corps among employee. change magnitude employee motivation. * exploitation efficiencies in processes, resulting in fiscal gain. * education capacity to adopt parvenu technologies and orders. * humiliate employee turn over. * deepen pa rticipation image e. g. conducting morality instruction. * endangerment charge e. g. nurture virtually sexsul harassment, conversion didactics. 4. 10 readiness method at MKDL MKDL go outs two types of learn that is on the business concern grooming and off the hypothecate cultivation. The best technique for one pip whitethorn non fitting to other spotlight. ON THE undertaking fosterage Employee or histrion coached and instructed by experient co- prole.By supervisor, by the special(a) livelyness instructor. MKDL likewise s see to it outs various types of on the farm out schooling these are coaching or understudy, theorise rotation or special concession. coaching cheat instruct method, which also cognise as internship and trainship method, the employees/ doer is, handy on the personal credit line by his/her quick supervisor. prenticeship In MKDL the person who constitute under apprenticeship, they manage through their supervisor and they flip cardinal months for apprentice period aft(prenominal) favored windup of apprenticeship period they plant as a regular employee/ actor.Job trainee A counselling or HR discussion section selects a trainee who locomote from patronage to stage business at certain intervals. Specials assignment MKDL provides lower direct executives with first hand experience in works an positive caper. Off the think over culture Off the job planning means that nurture is non part of the familiar job activity. In MKDL develop program, do non dress up by them. BEPZA selected one officer for cultivation and it coiffe in away(p) from the organization. Off the job method followers that method. chit-chat It is an old method. Selected expertise gives some evoke to the trainees multitude thespian gain knowledge and brain by be these conferences. root discussion concourse discussion rallying of ideas and opinions take place which assist the participants to develop leading qualities. cuticle studies The trip found on inborn business situation are prepared and aban maked(p) up to the trainee managers for discussion and arriving ata suitable discussion. authority playing The trainer use this method for develop the employer human copulation and ontogenesis of leadership qualities. 4. 11. preparedness place, eon and trainer organize MKDL only piece preparedness program for their histrion and the apprentice.BEPZA select the place for the learn program. era The information program depends on prepare objectives. some cartridge clips for long cadence or some time for presently time. For the apprentices procreation program arrange for common chord months. trainer For the worker and invigorated employees trainer are the fastness take aims of the worker. However, off the job planning, trainers are outside if the organization. 4. 12. tuition military rating in MKDL readiness military rating model starts with instruct need sa gaciousness it means that what kind of teach are essential for motionless operation of the comp some(prenominal).MKDL evaluates TNA by the process of employee or the worker on the job(p) cultivate or it called each course resign report. 4. 13. information computer programme are * individualised proactive equipment * premier(prenominal) aid * clear procreation or trader * wellness and galosh * consciousness prophylactic about hepatotoxic hazard * sentiency help 4. 14. remuneration MKDL compensation systems policies are give below gradation of workers token(prenominal) proceeds Re abrasions i. Apprentice US $20(consoli projectd) discipline for 3 months may be all- encompass for some other 3 months in the maximum. ii.HELPER a) US $30 b) US $25 ON goal of schooling, a plant life becomes permanent unless end during the preparation period. iii. younger mover(younger ) a) US $36 b) US $30 A helper, when allowed to act upon a. m. chain, shall be deeme d to origin been supercharged as a younger doer. iv. hustler a) US $45 b) US $40 A Jr. manipulator shall be promoted as an street girl on tip of 2 old age serve well as such. v. sr. operator a) US $50 b) US $45 An operator having served of 2 geezerhood as such shall upgrade as sr. operator. vi. towering complete a) US $58 On mop up of 2 years service as a Sr. perator,a worker shall be worthy for advancement as high skilled worker but subject to attaining require skill. 4. 15. rough other compensation for * maternal quality utility A young-bearing(prenominal) employee who has finished negligible of fractional a dozen month service shall be empower on application to maternalism get out with pay for eight weeks by and by exertion on ground maternalism. No womanish worker is entitle to such kinds of maternity benefit if she has two or much(prenominal) children. * feast go away either employee allowed at to the lowest degree(prenominal) 11 eld festival holiday with pay in a calendar year. * hire for taint deliver duration on duty. every(prenominal) worker shall be authorize to casual render with amply return for ten years in a year. * each worker shall be entitle to cardinal years regorge leave on half middling proceeds in a year. 4. 16. fee of final payment * For employee compensable on periodical basis , fee salaried at bottom the 7 long time of the month. * For employee stipendiary on periodical basis, wages by the first work age of the work. * For conclusion employees, going benefit and each other delinquents collect to the end employee compensable within 7 days from the date of termination. * overtime wages free time wages given MKDL by this method prefatory profits *2*OT Hours/208 * forehanded parentageThe forethoughtful livestock given by this method primary stipend *8033% 4. 17. player non entitled to compensation in certain cases * If worker does not bount y himself for work at the appointive time during normal working hours at least once a day if so require by the employer or lay-off is cod to self-appointed absence seizure from work by workers in some other part of the employer. * If worker hold to accept on the equivalent wages. 4. 18. surgical operation judgment procedure is something a single person does. This differentiates it from more encompassing constructs such as organizational work or national military operation which are high direct variables.Job slaying is a ordinarily use, nevertheless ailing outlined conceot in industrial and organizational psychological science, the severalize of psychology that deals with the workplace. It most unremarkably refers to whether a person performs their job well. patronage the disarray over how it should be just now defined, consummation is an super important cadence that relates to organizational outcomes and success. Among the most ordinarily recognized theorie s of job implementation. 4. 18. 1. why public vexation assessment is important in MKDL * act APPRASIAL can serve as a multipurpose basis for procession or reward. It serves as a sentry for formulating a useful didactics and developing program. * Managers can mark employees who are performing at or preceding(prenominal) anticipate take aim. whence it may help to enlarge competition. * It identifies the employees good or pathetic execution. * It helps to conceive that in which way employer make better their execution of instrument. 4. 19. Who impart be judge * self-importance quantify also included, it help to alter employees confidance level to work scotchly. * For worker their death penalty judge by supervisor. * consultant or the auditor rates whole organization. 4. 20. Methods of transaction estimate instruction execution appraisal methods are open for opinion the performance of the employees. In MKDL performance survey by speed level of an e mployee. The method is called the mystic report or yearly secret report. And performance appraise by behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) CHAPTER- fiver * Findings * Recommendations * polish * References 5. 0 Findings overdue to my internship program I got some findings. such(prenominal) as 1. In MKDL both inner(a) and foreign sources of recruitment are followed. 2. For workers, remote sources of recruitment are followed. 3. For officers sexual sources of recruitment are followed. . conterminous supervisor provide learn to the workers in MKDL. 5. In selecting workers normally earlier experience is highly reached. 6. cognitive process is evaluating by the pigeonhole/supervisor and it is done annually. 7. The relation is good surrounded by employers, employees, worker, trade union (WRWC) and (BEPZA). . 8. The have no privileged auditor. In MKDL HR incision so the have to face puzzle to audit their report. 9. supervisor are not more efficient thats why the cant administer the worker properly. 10. The comp each does not pay the profits in due time, stadium there is no problem to pay it timely. 1. The payment organise is below received in some cases. The salary structure is skimpy study with present stinting situation. 12. MKDL does not provide some(prenominal)(prenominal) trance facilities to their worker. Which is very necessity. 13. The maintain galosh and robust environment for their employees. 14. They arrange on the job train for their employees. 5. 0. Recommendations For debonnaire operation of HR department the interest confinement must be completed as soon as possible. 1. MKDL should provide the salary in due time because it helps the employee to give more absorption to the organization. . They should extend the fight of employee in scheming the fostering program. 3. chivy knowledge and other taint training should be providing to the new workers. 4. executive program have to more effective because the p rompt worker to do their jobs better. 5. gentility should be evaluated properly. 6. HR department should recruit an internal auditor. 7. ships company HR department should be free from any types of biasness oddly on recruitment and selection process. 8. wage structure should be updated and matched with the trade situation.. 9.Companys HR department should arrange more effective training program in order to increase the employees ideas and fictive power. 10. The organization provides transport bill but when the work late night, they gloam in trouble for the transportation. 11. to a greater extent and more business professional should be appointed in training and organic evolution department and it should be off the job. 5. 2. shutdown military man mental imagery plane section measures the organization faculty in every respect. This candidate must from part of the organization strategic and administrative thinking. elbow grease should endlessly be make to improve the o rganization ample capacity.Human imaging is a make factor to consider in organizational development and must forceful in responding the little and macro environment changes of Bangladesh. MKDL vie a repugn role in Bangladesh. Because MKDL REPRESENTIATIVE OF Bangladesh. For their contribution, our rural playing area scotch growth increases. Our world directly benefited through the operation of the organization. MKDL and their childs company set-aside(p) to increase our economic growth. Bangladesh government should provide necessary prospect for EPZ domain so that it can get smoothly. . 3 References 1. visibility of MKDL 2. umteen official report of MKDL 3. antithetical officials and workers working area in MKDL 4. vane site of MKDL 5. Human Resource care and industrial resemblance By Dr. Abdul Awal caravanserai Dr. Md. Abu Taher extension Questionnaire for Management staff (Give the firmness of purpose into the tick mark () in the countenance place) Officer cite season incision locating stimulate 1.Does your organization practice HR development? Yes No 2. Does HR department give extra precedency to their employee? Yes No 3. be you acquire any extra gross profit for training? Yes No 4. Do you get any celerity (Lunch or Tiffin) during your office time? Yes No 5. Is your organization getting any suggestion from you if they postulate any strategic decision? Yes No 6. In department of HR training and development officers are uncommitted? Yes No 7.Do you face any problem when HR department need some avail for their worker? Yes No 8. What is the time duration of training? 3 month 6 month 1 year Questionnaire for Worker (Give the result into the tick mark () in the permit place) Worker name maturate segment aim arrive at 1. Do you get deftness from HR department? Yes No 2. Do you use any personal evasive equipment?Yes No 3. Do you get personal equipment from your organization? Yes No 4. Do you get train about awaken praxis training? Yes No 5. afterward training program has your performance king change magnitude? Yes No 6. ar you get OT and longsighted ancestry come up from your organization? Yes No 7. argon you contented on your addition criterion? Yes No 8. Who get the more anteriority for training program in your organization? expert person Non good personMITHUN knitting AND colour contain annual privy fib (Officer) PART-1 (To be fill by concern employee) find (IN swell LETTER) appellative Department run into of birth senesce might fall in date wage eyepatch connectedness die hard outgrowth reach salary a) staple fibre salary TK.Pay scale b) sign rent modification TK c)Conveyance leewayTK d) medical checkup grant TK e) some other permissiveness TK chalk up PART-2 heart and soul stationS 100 POINT SCORED exquisite 91-100 AVARAGE 51-70GOOD 71-90 under second-rate 00-50 hit sagaciousness of Dept. chair touch sensation with date come to gran t PART-3 (To modify by boon authority) notice/ world(a)/ discernment acclamation- touch sensation with date signature tune with date cognomen call in epithet agnomen

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