Wednesday, June 19, 2019

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS PAPER - Essay ExampleWestthorp (2010) summarized the occurrence that some hostels observed a decline of nearly 40 % against last business year while others reported business of just 30 % cogency. Moreover, the appreciation of Australian Dollar against worlds major currencies such as British Pound, Euro, US Dollar has also hampered growth because foreign tourists induce much lesser after exchange than what they used to get last year. In simple, they are now unable to spend greater number of eld in Gold Coast Backpackers amid inflation and exchange fluctuations. In short, potential customers are now demand higher quality goods and services from administration in Gold Coast Backpackers industry sector at relatively lower prices. It is recommended that various Gold Coast Backpackers and resorts should also adopt a rational price strategy to entice maximum customers (Westthorp, 2010).The bargaining power of specific suppliers (raw materials and input providers s uch as furniture, hostel goods, food etc.) is reduced because of decrease in add together business activities and surplus capacity of resorts and hostels. Indeed, suppliers business is directly dependent on Backpackers business and failure of the latter would also adversely impact the sales of suppliers (Jamieson, 2010).Indeed, the center fall in aggregate demand of backpackers by tourists and adventurists has compelled potential investors to forgo their aim of entering and investing in tourism and hospitality businesses. It should be highlighted that curse of potential new entrants in this sector is low because of relatively lower returns and weak consumer response because of decline in real income and purchasing power. However, Backpackers have been face up increased competition from Asian Backpackers because of their cheap offers to tourists (Jamieson, 2010).The threat of substitute products is relatively higher because existing Gold Coast Backpackers and resorts

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