Thursday, June 13, 2019

History of Bosnian Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina Essay

History of Bosnian Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Essay ExampleThe Bosnian domain lost its independence to the Ottoman Kingdom in 1436. It acquired its name Bosnia and Herzegovina as an effect of a sudden change of political events. The Austro-Hungarian realm officially took everyplace Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908 to create a Greater Serbia. This ignited the flames of the Serbs which made them revolt and eventually led to the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This assassination also was the reason fucking World War I.1The Kingdom of Yugoslavia annexed Bosnia after the First World War. From 1941-1945, Bosnia was a part of the Independent State of Croatia. Though being part of Croatia, the Partisan had whopping part of Bosnia under its control. After this timeline, Bosnia and Herzegovina became a federal republic constituent of Yugoslavia.2Bosnia and Herzegovina finally announced its independence in 1992 after its separation with Yugoslavia. But collectabl e to this proclamation of independence, many Bosnian Serbs went up against it which resulted to a bloody war. The 1995 Dayton Agreement was established which stated Bosnia and Herzegovina being composed of two constituent territories the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and theThe native Australian people of Bosnia speak the Bosnian language. This only has slight difference from the Serbian or Croatian language. This slight difference is visible in writing and grammar precisely the peoples slang (colloquial) is the same with the Croats and the Serbs. Though the language has a number of orientalisms and Germaninsms, this doesnt limit affect the communication of different people in the land. 4Due the geographical situation of Bosnia, being at the middle of Serbia and Croatia, the language used is not so different from the neighbouring territories surrounding Bosnia.Begovica was the first script in Bosnia. This was a descendant of the Cyrillic script which was used in the entire region. The second script was the Arabica which was a version of the Arabic script.

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