Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Inequality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Inequality - Essay ExampleIt should be realized that every undivided possesses different levels of skills ad capabilities. In order to become better leaders, it is important for the individual to grow and develop their emotional intelligence in order to fuck people better. The need to cultivate emotional intelligence arises out of several needs (Goleman, 65).The case provides an analysis in which an individual is able to be self-aware and recognize the emotions as they occur around him. As John improves in EQ, he is able to generalize himself better and the people he manages in the make-up greatly depend upon him. More importantly, his social life improves drastically due to the self-awareness. This is certainly an important skill for all leaders as it enables them to discover and understand their skills, strengths and weaknesses. Such leaders are able to understand the emotions of their workers and therefore treat them in the most appropriate way. The result of such awareness i s an improvement in the overall performance in the organization.From the case, it is seen that John eventually manages to stay aware of his feelings and those of his senior regarding his performance in the organization. He realizes that despite the fact that he is a good performer in his field, he still needs to horn his counselling skills. It is basically a question of managing emotions and clearly understanding the wider picture in the whole organization (Goleman, 23). At the end, it is seen that John cannot simply rush into decisions but will clearly manage his emotions and make the most appropriate decision. For leaders, emotional management is a vital aspect and should be greatly valued. A leader should know how to balance situations and counsel his subjects without showing any inappropriate emotions in the process. In such a case, the leader will earn and maintain their respect from the subjects. In the case of John, many workers are free to consult him on unhomogeneous issu es as a result of

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