Monday, June 10, 2019

Research on Occupy Movement Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

On Occupy Movement - Research Paper ExampleVarious well cognize scholars joined in the movement such(prenominal) as Peter Funke, Harry Vanden, Ednie Garrison and Robert Benford among others. The Wall Street became a part of this movement as the organizations turn up in this financial district played an important part in the economic crisis of 2008 which marked the Great Recession. The protest is primarily against the richer section of the society. The movement in the main focuses on the slogan, We atomic number 18 the 99%, which refers to the growing disparity of wealthiness in the society in between the richer section of 1% and the rest 99% of the population. Moreover, they are continuously enhancing their income rates as compared to the remaining 99%. Thus, the 1% population holding the 99% of income and wealth are enjoying a much lavish modus vivendi whereas the living standard of 99% populace is declining (Melendez, Professors Dissect Occupy Movement). In addition, the great recession increased the gap between the rich and the unfortunate sections. The 99% of the population faced numerous businesss such as unemployment in spite of having quality degree along with inequality, wage difference and poverty among others. The authorities of America was neither fair nor sympathetic towards the 99% population of the society. ... The protests are mainly due to the inequality, unemployment, low wage, financial crisis and problems related with basic needs such as food, shelter and health care among others, which are not realized by the richer section. Therefore, the wealthier section of the society is increasing their income rates along with the wealth and gum olibanum relishing their lives with great pleasure. On the other side, the poorer section has been the main victim of these circumstances, which is acting as a curse in their life (Hertzberg, Occupational Hazards). public debate and Discussion The occupy movement is the enduring gripe against the gap a mong the 1% and the 99% populace of America. The protest has spread in various places throughout the existence very rapidly and has drawn in not only the scholars but also the students and general individuals as well. The movement included a slogan, which focused mainly on the growingindifferencein the society. The movement highlights the discrepancies such as unemployment, low wages, inequalities, economic migrants, financial crisis as well as problems related to primary needs such as food, shelter and health care. The slogan states that the 99% of the population is enduring the pain of lower financial stability as compared to richer individuals. Thus, the problem of unemployment is increasing among the 99% of the general population (Hertzberg, Occupational Hazards). Moreover, they are also facing the problem of unemployment due to recession and economic changes as well. Due to these problems the 99% populations are becoming much poorer as compared to the rest 1% of the society. Similarly, on the other side, the 1% of the remaining population is doubling their income rates along with the wealth and

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