Thursday, June 6, 2019

Video games Essay Example for Free

Video games EssayWhat Video Games Have to teach us about acquisition and Literacy Im sure that we all are, or were at one time, around video games whether we were playing the game or someone we do was playing. close to adults figure children spend too much time playing video games. I know my mom is constantly yelling at my 10 15-year-old brothers to hurt off. My mom thinks that video games for so long will eventually ruin their eyesight. My brothers are video game addicts. My brothers always complain when my mom tells them to get off. perhaps my mom is wrong about video games. Maybe they could actually help my brothers. pile Gee has a different thought than my mom and most parents. James Gee is also a father of his 11-year-old son, which made Gee immigrate to the world of video games. James would sit at that place with his son and play with him, until one day he decided that he would play on his own. After playing by him, James realized that there is a lot more than to video games and they can actually in a way be positive. James sees video games as a way for children to use their brains.You have to gibe how to play the game before you play it or else you will not be able to move forward in the game. Most games have a goal that you have to learn how to get there. By the children learning how to play, it is positive and in scary way actually benefits the children even though parents would never think it. Gee and Prenskys views are similar. In Prenskys essay he says that he thinks it would be the right time for us to advance our educational strategy because as we can see, technology is now a big part of our generation and it is only going to grow.Prensky referred to the students of the world today as digital natives because we grew up with digital technology. Growing up into the world of technology made us adjust and get used to using it so quickly. The teachers dont know as much as the digital natives (students) do about new technology. In my op inion, I think technology is a great thing in the world today. As a student in college, technology plays a huge part.I use my computer for 99% of my schoolwork. I use it in class, to take notes, for homework, for research, to print, etc. Im sure I am not the only one that doesnt like to read, so instead of us students using the library to use books for research, we can do it on our computers. I personally do not play video games and cannot see myself sitting there like my brothers for countless hours learning how to play. I definitely do agree with Gee, and can see video games benefiting people of all ages.

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