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Wester Civilization II paper #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Wester Civilization II paper 1 - Essay ExampleThe Prince by Machiavelli focuses on the dos and donts of a prince. According to him, a prince is not a public entity so his activities and life style should never be conventional like his subjects. According to Machiavelli, a prince evermore needs to build a kind of aura around him so that he can be easily identified someone superior and preceding(prenominal) the average human lot.The focus on the activity of a prince or the head of the state reshaped the treaty a lot and made the doctrine on one of the most valuable treaties of the political theory and diplomatic strategy. Machiavellis The Prince focuses further on the military duty of a Prince. It also deals with the functional and the compositional aspect of the various troops with the special focus on the Mercenaries. The book is also focused on detecting and scrutinizing the reason behind appraisal or criticism of a man and especially that of a prince. The doctrine deals with the theory of cruelty or clemency and decides whether it is better to get love or to be feared. The other three important facets on which the treaty focuses are the way the world of a Prince should be kept, the process by which he should acquire account and the impact of destiny of humans and the way to fight with it. All these theories and diplomatic treaties suggested in the book under any circumstance will help a prince to rule his kingdom with full sovereignty and have a stable government in his province.Machiavellis The Prince is considered as the most important political endure of the period. There is no second opinion regarding the effectiveness of the book but then the book also gained its pinnacle of popularity during the renaissance period because the book reflected by and large about the political situation of the period and discussed issues to pacify the situation in Italy and particularly in Florence. Although there were numerous city states by the beginning of the 15th

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